SRVOS Attendance Policies and Procedures

To report an absence – the parent/guardian must contact us within 48 hours of the absence by doing one of the following:

Please include the following in your messages:

  • Student’s first and last name
  • Date of the absence
  • Reason for absence
Responsibility to Report

Per Washington State law, students and their families are responsible for school attendance. The parent/guardian of any student who is absent from class should leave an e-mail or phone message with the Attendance Office within 48 hours of the absence to explain the circumstance around the absence. After 48 hours, the absence will be considered unexcused.

SRVOS Attendance:

Attendance is taken twice per week. On Mondays (or first day of the week) for foundations class, and on Friday.

Monday Attendance:

Foundations class meetings on Mondays (or the first day of the school week) are mandatory as this is a graded and elective course. Students must login and participate for the entirety of the meeting to be marked present. Students who leave the meeting early will receive an unexcused absence.

Friday Attendance:

To be marked present on Friday the student must make contact with their teacher. This can be done by:

  • Meeting with the teacher outside of foundations class (during optional drop-in sessions, or by appointment), or
  • Submitting work in Apex, or
  • Electronic messages between the student and teacher
Students with IEP's - Special Education Services:

Students who have IEP's and receive special education must attend all of their meetings with their special education teacher.

Vacation Absences

Vacations are not an approved, excused absence unless prior approval is received from the principal. Please be mindful of already-scheduled school breaks when planning travel that will impact your student's accessibility to classes. Please reference the District Calendar for school breaks. If you'd like to review the full WAC, you may do so here: WAC 392-401-020.


Excused/Unexcused Absence Examples