About Us

Sammamish River Valley Online School

Our school was born during COVID but continues because of a need within LWSD. We found that the online learning model is just what some students need, and as a district, we strive to provide learning options that meet the needs of all learners.

At SRVOS we work with any secondary student (grades 6-12), including those with an IEP, a 504, ML learners, those needing a part-time schedule, Running Start, WANIC, and students needing credit recovery. The profile of a SRVOS student is anyone, so long as they are committed to independent learning, and have found success in an online model.

Because our choice school is small, we have a sense of community that is unique. We have unbelievable support from LWSD teachers and staff, that partner with APEX Leaning to provide an engaging curriculum. Our course catalog includes all the typical CORE subjects, with an Honors option for most classes. While we have limited electives for now, we are creative in getting the credits students need for a timely graduation.

At SRVOS, students can participate in clubs/sports/activities at their neighborhood school and can even be partially enrolled for a dual-enrolled educational experience.

At SRVOS, most courses are asynchronous. LWSD teachers run these courses and are available for optional live meetings and regular support. Live meetings are required for SDI courses and ML support, as well as our weekly Foundations course. Foundations is grade specific and offered 1 day a week for 1 hour. This course is credit bearing and will include lessons on CCR, SEL, digital citizenship, and typical advisory. Additionally, teachers will host optional drop-in online office hours throughout the week for students to receive extra support in their classes and collaboration time with fellow classmates.

Questions? Please contact Online School Office Manager, Shanna Berlanga.

Online learning success

A successful online learner will have the ability and willingness to:

  • Work independently.
  • Manage time management efficiently.
  • Process and Implement feedback from teachers for academic improvement. 
  • Ask questions when challenges arise.
  • Communicate with teachers, support staff, and peers. 
  • Actively Participate in discussions. 
  • Use technology proficiently. 

Families can help support the success of their online learner in the following ways:

  • Supporting your learner's social and emotional health.
  • Understand the role a family plays in online learning.
  • Help create a space that is free from distractions that is not normally used for leisure or rest. 
  • Set up and support a structure for daily learning and daily rest and relaxation.
  • Create and refine a system that works for your family.
  • Secondary students can also prepare for success by using these guidelines from Apex Learning.


Each student will graduate prepared to lead a rewarding, responsible life as a contributing member of our community and greater society.


  • Every student Future Ready
  • Prepared for college
  • Prepared for the global workplace
  • Prepared for personal success